校园雕塑这一校园文化的缩影,以其丰富的艺术内涵和文化价值对校园文化建设具有重要意义,是校园文化建设中不可忽视的一环,需要我们身处校园中的每一个人用心去解读和体会。通过对雕塑这一文化载体的理解和审美 过程,可以让身处校园中的每一个人获得潜移默化的影响。不仅能培养学生的生活情趣及对真善美的感悟,增强校园的向心力和凝聚力,也可以使师生们从紧张的工作学习中得到放松和休息,营造良好的生活氛围。

Campus sculpture is the epitome of a school’s campus culture. With its rich artistic connotation and cultural value, it is of great significance to the construction of campus culture. It is an indispensable link in the construction of campus culture. It requires everyone on campus to interpret and experience with their heart. Through the understanding and aesthetic process of sculpture as a cultural carrier, we can make everyone in the campus get a subtle influence. It can not only cultivate students’interest in life and perception of truth, goodness and beauty, enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the campus, but also make teachers and students relax and rest from tense work and study, and create a good living atmosphere.