校园景观文化应在建设现代化校园环境 的同时,将学校自有风貌渗透其中,增强校园的地域特色和文化韵味,以体现历史,传统的延续及形成多层次的有机生态绿化系统,促进人与自然的和谐共存关系,营造出舒适的交流空间,人性 化教育场所及高效的生态校园环境。

While building a modern campus environment, campus landscape culture should infiltrate the school’s own features into it, enhance the regional characteristics and cultural charm of the campus, so as to reflect the history, the continuation of tradition and the formation of a multi-level organic ecological greening system, promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, create a comfortable communication space, humanized educational sites and efficient ecological campus. Environmental Science.